Rates and Services

We help you reduce your pain…

At Portland City Massage we maintain your body so you can maintain your life. No two sessions will be the same…sometimes the work is deep, sometimes light. Sometimes it’s vigorous and sometimes it’s gentle. Sometimes work is all on the table and sometimes it is done sitting up on a bench.

Whether it be through Myofascial Release, Manual Lymphatic Drainage or targeted Sports Massage, your session will always be customized at Portland City Massage. Bodies need different techniques at different times so the one thing you can count on is a session that is specific to you!

As always, no tipping, please. Rates are all inclusive with no upcharges for different modalities or use of specialized equipment (cups, stones, hot towels, etc).


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90 minutes - $165

This session provides a great starting point for treatment planning. Clients experience the greatest structural change during this session as time allows for work on all areas of the body and some time for specific work, too. Preferred amount of time for a full-bodied MLD session.

60 minutes - $110

A 60-minute session is recommended for those wanting a massage with focus on a few specific areas (massage or MLD). It also works well for those who want a more general, full-body massage (such as a quick full body tune-up) with no specific work.

30 minutes - $55

Short on time? Then 30 minutes is for you! This treatment is recommended for those who need treatment on only one specific area.

120 minutes - $220

The ultimate session. This session allows for a full body tune-up as well as specific work on multiple areas. Do you have a lot going on? Then this session is for you!