Looking for some helpful resources in the greater Portland area? Look no further!

Portland City Massage helps you maintain your body so you can maintain your life. But sometimes you need more than just massage. Here are some other resources that I know will be helpful to you!

Koru Physical Therapy and Wellness Logo

Koru Physical Therapy and Wellness

Koru Physical Therapy and Wellness empowers women to take control of their bodies and health from motherhood to menopause.

Logo of Starting Line Run Studio

Starting Line PT and Run Studio

Starting Line Run Studio not only offers group treadmill and strength classes but also physical therapy and coaching services to keep you moving forward on your personal running journey.

KGR logo

KGR Coaching

Kirsten Read, competitive swimmer and certified coach, will help you meet your swimming goals.

Logo of Runaways Run Club

Runaways Run Club

A Run Club for everyone. Runaways Run Club is a Maine based weekly running meetup group that offers runs for all speeds and levels.

Logo Portland Physical Therapy

Portland Physical Therapy

One on one patient-centered care to create an individualized program returning you to your optimal functional ability.

Pursuit Physical Therapy logo with gears

Pursuit Physical Therapy

Specializing in orthopedic physical therapy and professional bike fitting to help you get back to doing the things you love.